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This quick, self-paced mini-audio course uses tools, techniques, and professional coaching exercises to help you adjust your thinking and wealth perspective to walk you through proven brain-hacking techniques that show you how to release self-limiting beliefs so you can boldly and confidently pursue your goals and increase your sales. 

  • Do it at your own pace
  • Audio and visuals
  • Interactive elements
  • Downloadable files, guides, or templates
  • Proven professional coaching techniques

A self-paced audio course to help you release self-limiting beliefs and adopt a wealth mindset 

I DID THE WORK, SHIFTED MY MINDSET, AND FOUND MY WAY! Two decades ago, I was a homeless rape victim and veteran struggling to find my way. I had done all the right things, but my life took a turn for the worst. It took a lot of mindset work for me first to trust that I deserved better than my circumstances.

AND SO, I FOUND MY WAY. It was only by believing this that I could open up my mind and then the doors to build a thriving corporate career as a marketing strategist, launch, grow and sell a marketing agency before moving on to becoming a credentialed coach so that I could help other women.

The doors already exist, but we sometimes cannot see or open them because of self-limiting beliefs.

This course is for you if —

This course is for you if more than one of these applies to you.
  • You are a woman who owns a business owner (or wants to)
  • You feel like an imposter in your area of business
  • You find that there is always a good reason to delay launching or leveling up your business
  • You are weary of investing in your business but hope to make a big profit
  • You have been in business for over 18 months with revenues below $10,000 each month
  • You believe earning a few hundred dollars per month is good enough
  • You aren't making enough to cover your business expenses, your efforts, and pay yourself what you are worth
  • You are stuck in inaction
  • You are dissatisfied with your status quo
  • You think not knowing where to begin is a good reason not to start
  • You know you deserve more
  • You know you deserve better