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You'll Want This Expert Approved To Do List For Holiday Season Sales

 Over the years, I've experienced my share of success with launching and growing businesses. Some of what's helped me is taking the time to organize, research and plan. Since it's the holiday season, I think you'll find my holiday season preplist useful. Print the list and use it to streamline your holiday season selling plans.

Here are your sixteen steps to prepare your online business for the Christmas season and boost holiday sales —

  1. Refresh your website graphics to reflect the holiday season (just a few on your home page will do)
  2. Use your website traffic tracking data to identify your top three visited web pages and add a holiday promo section to those pages. This will be temporary.
  3. Using your product sales date and customer inquiries, identify your top-performing product and offer a discount, then promote that product on your popular pages, your home page, and your holiday blog posts. On average, 30% of website visitors enter via a site's home page, so you'll capture more eyes by promoting on various locations.   
  4. Create special coupons and social offers for the holiday season, then promote them everywhere.
  5. Add popular holiday season keywords. Using Google Trends, research and create your list of popular holiday season keywords. Add two or three holiday-themed blog posts and strategically mention (and link to a few products going up for sale, a coupon, or a new product launch). 
  6. Create a landing page specifically to promote your holiday sales. Link to it from your home page, your blog, and social media profiles (including IG stories and Facebook posts, marketing emails). Grab my landing page checklist and guide.
  7. Refresh your profile pics to be more festive and seasonal. 
  8. Update some of your website copy to reflect the holiday season. Get a boost in your SEO so holiday buyers can find your products.
  9. Collaborate with other business owners who aren't competitors but also serve your ideal client. Maybe package your products together.
  10. Decide what holidays your brand will observe, then create content (copy and imagery) to support each.
  11. Get well-composed and lighted photography of each product that will go on sale, and write a short sales caption for each. Use emotional trigger words. Grab my extensive list of trigger/emotional/power words.
  12. Choose five or six holiday-themed Canva templates to reuse throughout the season, then tweak the messages for each post. 
  13. Plan your marketing email funnel and write your copy for each message. Repurpose your blog post copy and include your promo products and any imagery you've selected for the season.
  14. Show consistency in your holiday seating brand copy and visuals. It will make your brand easily identifiable to your ideal client as they scroll and scan content.
  15. Increase your post frequency and commit a schedule linked to each holiday you observe as part of your holiday marketing.
  16. Get ahead of your competitors by planning your holiday season sales. Download my easy-to-use planner here [link to google sheet]

Use this list and get ready to experience remarkable results! Happy holidays!

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