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Time Management Tips To Help Entrepreneurs Get More Done

Time Management Tips For Entrepreneurs

No matter who we are, there are always 168 hours available to us each week.

"There is one secret to shipping something on time or on budget and the secret is when you run out of money or you run out of time, you ship!" ~ Owners of 37Signals

The philosophy mentioned in the quote above is one to adopt when seeking excellence. Committing to a set amount of time to complete tasks and a set date to achieve milestones is how you make progress. It has been said by Seth Godin (Marketing guru), "When you have two weeks to complete a job, it takes you two weeks, and when it has to ship in two hours, it usually gets done in the allotted time."

If we get in the habit of setting time constraints on each task and sticking to them, we will consistently complete tasks on time. Budget your time like you budget your money and submit work when the time is up or when you've met your budget.

"Progress over perfection!"

Commit to getting in the habit of choosing progress over perfection because, ultimately, progress is how you get out of the starter's block, and it's also how you allow yourself opportunities to win.  

Here are three simple but effective time management tips to help busy women entrepreneurs find the time they need to do more.

  1. Turn on Do Not Disturb: DND is my friend. I've automated it throughout my entire day using my phone.

    Why? Because distractions are the biggest threat to my productivity. Limit those distractions by putting your phone on silent or "do not disturb" mode.

  2. Prioritize Tasks: I used to be someone who thought everything was of equal importance or that I had too many priority-one tasks. I've learned better.

    It's easy to make a long list of things to do throughout the day. Try focusing on the top 3 things that could make the most significant difference for your business.

  3. Automate Canned Responses: I'm a massive fan of automation. Most automation tools allow you to personalize the message, saving you loads of time. Your message can still be warm and personal.

    For example, if you are getting the same "frequently asked questions," it's a good idea to use "saved replies" or canned email responses to limit how many times you provide the same answer. 

Consider Doing A Time Management Inventory

Completing the inventory will help you get honest about your time management. Because we are each given 168 hours weekly, your time is automatically budgeted. Manage and use time as you would your finances. Start by creating a detailed list of each area of responsibility you have in your life — you can start with simple things like sleep, cleaning up, and cooking.

Beside each item, indicate if this is something you do daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Next, estimate the amount of time spent on each activity.   

Here's a basic time management example

How My Time Is Spent

Sleep: 9 hours (daily)
Working out: 1 hour (daily)
Working my day job: 47 hours
Total spent: 
168 - [your total spent] = available for your business

Once you have clarity on how you spend your time, you can look at ways to make adjustments. Remember that your time is similar to your finances. There are limits, and you will need constraints to complete your priorities and be productive.

My Possible Adjustments: I spend 63 hours sleeping each week. I can adjust that to 55.

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