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How to Boost Your Instagram Reach When Starting A Business

Boost Your Instagram Reach

What's included below:

  • 3 Key Factors Affecting How Your Account Is Ranked

  • 6 Smart Tips for Managing Your Instagram Business Account

  • How You Can 10x The Value Of One Piece Of Digital Content
    (+ over 17 additional content ideas)


Three key factors affecting how your Instagram account Is ranked

  1. The Instagram accounts you follow and who follows you — you can help yourself by eliminating any dead weight or those followers who are bots, fake, or no longer active. Also, take a hard look at the accounts listed under your following list. Be sure to clean up both your follower and following lists.
  2. How much organic engagement you get — this means that popularity wins. When your post receives likes and comments, Instagram identifies that post as quality content. You can improve your posts' quality by providing content your audience values, using CTAs to engage them, and being timely when responding to their comments. 
  3. The type of content you post and like — you can make this work for you by having a clear, focused goal and consistently posting content in that area of focus. Your area of focus should also be considered when liking and commenting on content that other users post. Don't bounce all over the place. Stay clear (with your actions) on what your intentions are for your business account, and Instagram will reward you with better visibility. 


Six smart tips for managing your Instagram business account

  1. Make sure it has been changed to a business account (if not, you'll miss out on crucial business features like user data/insights)
  2. Make it public (why hide your business?
  3. Turn off commenting for non-followers (this helps to minimize the spam comments greatly)
  4. Use the link feature on your profile to point to a landing or opt-in page (this gives prospects a place to learn more about you and buy your products)
  5. Use Instagram Stories for "behind the scenes" content (this helps create a sense of intrigue, and it shows prospects that there is an actual human -- not a bot -- behind your account and allows them to see that you are relatable)
  6. Share your most important or top posts from your profile to your Instagram Stories and include a well-researched and brand or product-relevant hashtag as well as your location (this gets more eyes on your content or products from people who actively follow hashtags, locations, or stories)


How you can 10x the value of one piece of digital content (and over 17 additional content ideas)

You can repeatedly make your brilliance work for you by 10x-ing the value of one piece of social media content. As you post content, watch your engagement. If a piece of content performs well, keep a rating file. Four and 5-star content are reused and repurposed. 

Break your content into many pieces. Then serve it up as a/an:

  •  Statement of wisdom
  •  Question about opinion
  •  How to
  •  Relevant story 
  •  Request for relevant story
  •  one-liner or quote
  •  Client comment or review
  •  Case study
  •  Quiz 
  •  Poll
  •  Joke
  •  Before and after
  • Lesson learned

  •  What to do

  •  What not to do

  •  How to make it happen

  •  How to avoid it

  •  Statistic

You can also then repurpose by changing up the format of that one piece of content: 

  • Audio podcast (over an image)
  • Video
  • Blog
  • IG Live

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