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50 Powerful Marketing Automation Tools That Every Badass Entrepreneur Will Need

Tools For Automating Your Business

Starting a business requires a lot of tireless work. Automating your business processes can help alleviate some of that overwhelm. Here's a list of 25 time-saving business automation tools for you to use. 

Here's my list of time-saving marketing and productivity tools for busy entrepreneurs. You can use these multi-purpose automation tools to significantly improve your work processes and save yourself countless hours to get your life back and make money while you sleep.

I recommend that you print this gem of a resource and save it so you can easily reference it at any time!


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The following types of tools and apps are included in this list for busy entrepreneurs 

  • Time Management & Productivity Tools

  • Branding, Logo, Business Naming & Domain Search Tool

  • Graphics & Colors Tools

  • Copywriting & SEO Tools

  • Marketing & Sales Tools

  • Social Media Planning, Design & Management Tools

  • Invoice & Payment Tools

  • Forms & Surveys Tools 

  • Customer Relationship Management Tools

  • Self-Care & Health Tools

Time Management 
and Productivity Tools

  • Todoist.com
  • Focuskeeper
  • Toggl
  • OneNote
  • Slack
  • Google Drive
  • Evernote
  • stayfocusd

Branding, Logo, Naming, and Domains

Graphics and Colors

Copywriting and SEO

Marketing and Sales

  • mailchimp.com
  • constantcontact.com
  • hubspot.com/products/marketing/email
  • campaignmonitor.com
  • drip.com
  • aweber.com

Social Media Planning, Design and Management

Don't neglect all of the native analytics provided to you by each platform.

Invoice and Payment

  • paypal.com
  • honeybook.com
  • bill.com
  • Quickbooks
  • stripe
  • due.com

Forms and Surveys

  • typeform.com
  • gravityforms.com
  • paperforms.co
  • wufoo.com
  • surveymonkey.com

Customer Relationship Management

Self-Care and Health

And while you're managing your relationship with customers, don't forget the whole person you are. Manage your relationship with yourself by incorporating some self-care habits. Use the many tools available to keep you on a self-care routine. 

  • Sensa.Health
  • Calm.com 
  • Onepeloton.com
  • Fiton
  • MyThoughts
  • podcast.mindvalley.com
  • goodlifeproject.com/podcast


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