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15 Signs An Entrepreneur Needs Mindset Work

Entrepreneur Mindset

A Mindset to Millions: If it's your goal to own a startup and grow a premium brand making millions of dollars, start by adopting the mindset of a millionaire. 

Before investing in your business, invest in your mindset. When you armor up with an expectation that you'll win the long game, you are better prepared to experience and manage failures and obstacles.

Entrepreneurship is a journey. And on that journey, you should expect some growth experiences to achieve successful outcomes — lessons that help increase your possibility of success. 

"Every time you state what you want or believe, you’re the first to hear it. It’s a message to both you and others about what you think is possible. Don’t put a ceiling on yourself." Oprah Winfrey



The 15 Signs 

  1. Procrastinate: you never seem to find time for the things that need to move the needle forward in your business. Something always comes up. But guess what, sacrifice is necessary. And all that procrastination is nothing more than fear. If you tell me that you haven't been able to find time for a week or even a couple of months, I might believe you. I'm not likely to believe you if it's been over a year or even several months. Likely, you aren't being honest with yourself.

  2. Always too busy: This one ties into procrastination, but I wanted to address it separately. I've met people who want to start a business, go back to school, and write a book. They will get time off several times over years where they vow to get this crucial goal (according to them) done, but then another year and break rolls around, and nada. If you are somehow always too busy, that's a mindset issue.

  3. Can't make decisions: It's scary to decide on an action. It is committing to an action. What if it's the wrong decision? What if it fails? What if your business fails and other people see you not succeed? These all leave you stuck in indecisiveness. The inability to make a decision is a mindset issue.

  4. Can't move on decisions: Maybe you've made the decision, but no action follows. You suddenly can't find the time. You're stuck rethinking the decision. Commit and move forward. As I've heard it said, "fail forward." Plus, it is not failure; it is practice, and everyone needs to practice. 

  5.  Can't find ideal clients: Are you looking in the right places? Your ideal client may not hang out in your circle. You may need to network differently online and offline. You have probably heard people say that some car brands don't need to advertise. It's not necessarily true. Those car brands don't advertise where that person hangs out. Why? That person isn't the ideal client for that company or brand. The car brand shows up or puts its ads in places where its ideal clients hang out.

  6. Don't believe clients exist who will work with you: Why not? Have you paid attention to the people you see online who are selling? What do they have that you don't have? Maybe some confidence and the courage to move forward with their actions. Perhaps they are committed to doing ongoing mindset work. There will always be people better suited to you than someone else. Show up as yourself, be authentic, show some vulnerability, pay attention to feedback (including the silence) and adjust as needed. Invest in yourself, invest in your business, and make it (your offer) about them, not you.

  7. Don't believe opportunities exist that are fitting for you: every time you see a problem, that's an opportunity revealing itself to you. Start ming a. Note of problems you spot or ones others mention, then make time to brainstorm possible solutions and think about how you might contribute to the solution. What can you offer?

  8. You have overwhelming anxiety: debilitating anxiety, feeling stuck, drawing a blank (use online resources, begin reading a biography or other self-help book) 

  9.  Unwilling to invest in your personal growth: books and time to read them, life coach, using personal growth tools (vision board, wheel of life, love letter to self, future story exercise)

  10. Unwilling to invest in your business growth: automation, outsourcing, business program, or coaching.

  11. Thinking too small (hustle vs. business): plan for success, and expect growth. The tools you choose and the systems you put in place should always support this. They should be selected and set up with intention.

  12. Limiting your lifestyle goals: permit yourself to live a higher lifestyle, live at ease, and have some luxuries. Many things we consider luxury are just a higher level of quality than we are sometimes accustomed to. Allow yourself to have the things you want and enjoy the experiences you crave.

  13. Limiting your income goals: this is a huge one. So many entrepreneurs can only see themselves earning the minimum and can't imagine themselves building substantial wealth. Why? You deserve it, and you're likely skilled enough to get it. If you aren't, you can learn to be. But first, you have to accept that these possibilities exist for you!

  14. Setting a price too low for the quality of service or product you provide: undervaluing then underpricing your products and services is a clear sign that you are underestimating yourself.

  15. Stuck in self-doubt: this goes back to knowing that possibilities exist for you. But also it points to undervaluing your talents and knowledge. Think of the many compliments you ignore and the many criticisms you internalize. That's where you can begin to become more conscious of this habit. And yes, self-doubt is a habit. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts and know which of these resonates with you? Share your answer in the comments!


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